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Ionic app development company

Info Soft considered the best Ionic mobile app development service provider in USA, India. Want to build a seamless & Interactive Hybrid app for Android & iOS contact us to get a free quote.

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Ultrasound Pulser IC Market by 2027

Ultrasound Pulser IC Market is mainly driven by increasing demand for portable ultrasound devices, North America is anticipated to hold a significant share of the global ultrasound pulser IC market during the forecast period

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Multilayer Varistors Market Forecast 2027

Multilayer varistors is a control element that have ability to absorb high transient energies and can suppress electrostatic discharge (ESD). Thus they are used to protect the electronics systems and components from damage occurred due to overvoltage. Multilayer varistors are constructed from semico

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Dispenser Tube Market Forecast 2019 - 2028

Dispenser tube consists of plastic or steel film and contains ointment, cream, and gels. Dispenser tube is a cylindrical container, available in round and oval shapes, used in applicants such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and oral used product. Global dispenser tube market primarily influenced

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Low Voltage Protection and Control Market Forecast 2026

Irregularity in voltage is a major concern faced by industry and home alike, and often times responsible for damaging electrical equipment. Low voltage protection devices are required for protection of both the system and the user from fault; hence, electrical equipment are not permitted to operate

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Emerge Into Sports Industry With Our Fantasy Cricket App Dev


The sports seasons have lined up, and it is the best time for you to emerge with the fantasy cricket app development. In this way, you can keep the cricket fans engaging with the new and unique features. Appdupe offers a white-label solution and a high scalability solution that enhances your app’s

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Hardness Tester Market Forecast 2018 - 2026

Hardness is defined as the resistance power of different types of material to permanent distortion such as wear, indentation, scratch and abrasion. In addition, hardness is generally considered as resistance to penetration. Thus, the measurement of material harness has different significance in each

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G.fast Technology Investment and Adoption Market by 2026

The ongoing trend of digitization across the world is significantly driving the telecommunication industry. The number of mobile subscribers and internet users is increasing exponentially. Smart city initiatives leveraging platforms for IoT applications and IoT penetration in daily life is creating

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Spa Furniture Market Forecast 2025

Spa furniture is a high-quality, luxury furniture that is designed specifically for the spa service market. Numerous luxury spa, beauty, and wellness centers across the globe utilize different types of spa furniture such as pedicure chairs, massage tables and beds, massage chairs, and spa loungers.

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Bottle Redesign Market Forecast 2016 - 2024

Packaging industry demands continuous packaging up gradations to drive in more customer attraction, thereby increasing the sales of the product. Bottle redesign is the most widely used strategy in the packaging, especially from the food and beverage industry. Bottle redesign includes re-shaping of t