Top PPC Terms, You Need to Know

Top PPC Terms, You Need to Know

If we continue this PPC guide, some phrases can be confusing, especially if you are not familiar with this phraseology and also you plan to enter in paid marketing, there are some terms and phrases that you will need to be aware of.

Here is some collection of PPC terms for your guidance

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

These Terms define self Cost per click like an advertiser has to pay a cost when someone clicks on their ads. CPC is dependent on bids. Advertisers place a bid to display their own ads in search engines or other network platforms. A Higher Bid Results in a Higher priority.

For Running an ad campaign, advertiser will set a CPC at a maximum price. This Price is the highest price they pay an advertiser to pay for each click on their ad.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

CTR is used to read the number of showing your ads. The click through rate is the number of clicks on each ad, divided by the number of times that your ad is shown.The formula of CTR : clicks / impressions= Clickthrough Rate.

Ex: 10 clicks and 500 impressions would yield a CTR of 5%.

Quality Score

This quality score gets generated by the search engine based on your CTR, keyword relevance, landing page quality and previous ad performance on the search engine results page.

Maximum Bid

The maximum amount that an advertiser pays for every click on your ad.


When you want to run ads in a search engine and you decide to set up PPC ads then you have to create an ad campaign. The campaign is the method to create advertisements for showing your ads in search engines. What you want to show to your visitors.

Ad Group

Ad group is a part of the campaign. Every ad does not perform for every keyword. If you want to uniquely perform for every keyword, create ads groups in your campaign.The ad groups get based on highly relevant keywords. You also have an option of setting a CPC amount for every ad group.

Landing Page

The landing page is a part of your PPC strategy. This is that page where you want to visit your customer or services provider after they clicked on your PPC ad. Your landing page may be your homepage, Either way, make sure it has the most helpful information to capture the attention of visitors.


Keywords are the terms that when someone searches a query in a search engine then show your ad on this specific query. This specific query is called keyword. Your ad group has to target specific keywords and relevant keywords to show your ad on the search engine results page.

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